Common Types of Damage Experienced by LED TV

As a buyer, you certainly want the best-LED TV that can provide the best image quality, durable and energy saving. But like most electronic items, LED TVs are also not free from problems and damage. Some of them are fairly trivial and easily overcome handyman service in singapore. Some others fall into the serious category and need special handlers. From some of the damage, there are several types of damage that are common. For more details, here are some common types of TV LED damage. If you search handyman service in singapore you can visit our website.

1. There Is Sound But No Image
This one damage generally occurs due to problems in the lighting, such as the presence of disconnected electronic components or components that do have to be replaced. As is known, LED TVs to rely on LED lights to illuminate images. So if there is sound but no picture, it is likely that this LED light component is the problem.

2. There is a picture but no sound
If you find a problem like this, don’t hurry to highlight the TV amplifier section. Although the possibility is wide open, actual damage to the amplifier is very rare. In many cases, problems like this are more often caused by memory errors.

3. TV Remote Does Not Function
Sometimes there are cases where the TV remote doesn’t work at all. This condition is usually caused by a short circuit in the remote itself. If this is the case, it is very likely that there are electronic components that need to be replaced.

4. TV Off Total
This damage can be caused by several things. Some people might think that this is caused by a damaged regulator. But cases like this are very rare. In many cases, total dead TV events are more often caused by damage to the oscillator driver regulator IC.

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