Conductive Wire And Cables Identification Are Vital

The conductive wire must be made of pure copper. because this is required by the government and is listed in the National Standard. the easiest way to find out the conductive wire made of copper is to scrape or scrap the wire surface using a cutter. if after scraping or scraping it looks white means that the conductive wire is aluminum wire or iron which is plated / coated with copper. Meanwhile, you should also know about the benefits of using twinwall ducting if you want to get the best protection for your cables.

If so, it is advisable not to buy the power cable because it is not in accordance with this standard and it is feared that the cable will heat if it turns out that the load exceeds the capacity of the gilded wire which results in damage to electronic equipment.

Besides that, don’t be fooled by the “guaranteed quality” appendages on the packaging. naming the power cable has been regulated by the government which requires to include at least “product standards”, “brands”, “size”, “rated voltage” and “country of manufacture”. It must also be proven by the existence of a certificate issued by an accredited and officially registered certification body in the ministry of trade.

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