Do You Know Common Reasons Employees Resign From The Company?

At certain times, many people complain about their work, but there are some people who love their jobs because of their good position and high salary find this. Some people choose to resign from their work. If you seek a new job, you can take advantage of jobcentreonline. There are common reasons why employees resign, as follows:

Employees Feel that they don’t get the appreciation

Research shows that more than 58% of employees feel unappreciated in the company, so they resign from their work. The research also shows that 66% of employees claimed to have problems regarding the number of wages that were considered not in accordance with the workload. While the rest felt their work was not valued. For this reason, make sure your employees feel valued for every job and achievement they make.

Bad Manager

An employee who is smart, skilled and productive does not guarantee that he can become a good manager. You must invest time, money and energy to provide training for future corporate leaders. 37% of employees give bad ratings to their managers so the company must have training for prospective managers. That training is important if the company want to ensure that the employees will like their manager. A good manager is a role model for all employees. He knows how to create a comfortable atmosphere so every employee has the reasons to continue working.

Not Getting Promotion or Increase Position

36% of employees claimed to have never been given an offer for a promotion. The company must know that mployees want themselves to be able to develop with new positions and positions. If the company doesn’t give any promotion for the better or higher position, the employees may have the choice to resign.

Lack of Training Provided

Business or company owner must know that the lack of training for employees will lead to a stagnant situation because employees will not develop. Companies that do not prioritize training will gradually become unproductive and inefficient.

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