Get To Know Some of the Costs You Have to Spend While Living in a Condo

Apart from private homes, the choice of many people for their residence is a condominium or apartment. However, make sure you choose the right condominium that suits your needs. One that you can choose is treasure at tampines. By choosing the right condominium, you will feel the maximum comfort for your residence.

In choosing a condominium, not only a strategic location, but the price is also relatively more affordable when compared to private homes. By choosing treasure at tampines, you will get a lot of benefits and comfort while staying there.

Located in a strategic location, the treasure at tampines. Presenting a lot of maximum benefits for you. You will find it easier to reach many places you want to go to. However, when you live in a condo, there are some costs that you must pay attention to. Some of the costs referred to are

– Service Fee (Service Charge)
Unlike a house with land and its own area, the condominium requires you to pay service fees and maintenance regularly. This fee includes the cost of cleaning, security, building maintenance, and others. This fee depends on the area of ?the condo unit and the policies of each condo management. The payment period also varies, there are monthly, up to annual.

– Utility costs
This fee includes electricity and water. Also includes cable TV and internet if your condo provides it. You need to know, the cost of electricity in an apartment can be more expensive by 20-30 percent compared to electricity rates in a private home, so you have to prepare a higher cost for this.

– Cost of renovation
Usually, apartments will provide exclusive and free parking stalls for residents. However, there are also those who provide but are charged monthly. Even though it’s free, usually the management also only provides space for one vehicle. For that, you need to set aside costs for this every month.

Besides paying attention to the above, you also have to choose the right condominium, one of which is treasure tampines showflat.

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