These Simple Tips Are Important For A Warehouse Management

You need to introduce good warehouse management to the workers. The standard employee training is needed to ensure all operational activities in the 迷你倉 are running well. Monitor the performance of all your staff and ask them to fill out surveys to help you improve the management of your employees. The more trained your employees will make the job done faster and safer self storage hk.

Perform cross docking

In order to save time and space for goods, you can do cross-docking. This means that you only need to combine the items you receive from your supplier and immediately send them to another location. You can do this by first placing items that will be sent to the transit warehouse (usually small and without shelve), or if you do not have a transit warehouse, your staff must first sort the items that must be stored in the warehouse and items that can be put directly into the delivery truck.

Make sure all items have been labeled

All the items must have SKU codes and barcodes. Also, make sure that there are no duplicated items. You can also use an inventory management system to help your staffs find and move items faster, and make sure that the items are integrated with your SKU codes and barcodes. This helps you to keep accurate data regarding all the items in your warehouse, as well as reducing the risk of mistakes that can hamper the inventory management system in your own company’s business.

Tighten access in and out of the warehouse

Prevention is better than repairing. Limiting access to and out of the warehouse will help you reduce the risk of losing items. Determine who has the right to enter the warehouse by providing an access card. You can also set a password on the door of your warehouse and it’s necessary for your employees to always wear a uniform.