You Must Repair Your Car When Its Indicator Light And AC Have A Problem

The indicator light on the dashboard is a signpost when no command is given. Naturally, the indicator light will not turn on. If this light is always on or briefly turns on and briefly turns off for a long time, it is likely that there is a mismatch between the oil used and the specifications of your car. Try changing oil according to the recommended standards/specifications for your car. Aside from that, you try to get the top auto warranty if you wish to have good protection for your car.

Apart from that, it would be very annoying isn’t it, when you have to drive long enough but the car’s air conditioner feels less cold? Surely you will feel hot and less comfortable while driving. Car air conditioners that are less cold can be caused by several things, such as the ac freon which is almost gone, the AC filter is dirty, the extra fan motor is off, or the evaporator & condenser are dirty. If the condition of the air conditioner is less cold, it should be cleaned regularly.