Short And Long Term Effect Of Alcohol

From millions of people that suffered from alcohol abuse and addiction only thousand that gets a proper form the alcohol addiction treatment center. There are many factors related to why a person does not get the help they need but the most common thing that happens is the lack of knowledge of the harm caused by alcohol. In a long term drinking alcohol in large quantities may lead to alcohol addiction however the short-term harms are also frightening. Your liver could only metabolize one serving of alcohol per hour it means if you drink more than one it will lead to alcohol intoxication. The slurred speech, clumsiness and even decrease in motor skill are the symptoms of alcohol intoxication that we could see. When we brushed off those signs it could lead to alcohol poisoning. One of the most common things that happen is nausea and vomiting. Confusion, slow or irregular breathing and unconsciousness are the signs of alcohol poisoning and that you need to call for help immediately.

While drinking too much in a short period of time make you lost memories, doing it for a long time only lead to a more serious problem like alcohol addiction. However there so many physical harms that you’ll experience from consuming too much alcohol. Like any other thing, we consume will end in our stomach, including alcohol we drank. Our lining of the stomach could be inflamed by alcohol that will lead to nausea, chronic heartburn, increasing the risk of ulcer and gastritis. Not only that because the intestines will also have the problem in digesting nutrients and lead to malnutrition, a problem with the immune system and blood production also brain damage. The abnormal activities on the stomach increase the insulin production so it is a higher chance of diabetes. Alcohol could also cause brain damage that will make someone suffering dementia or mental illness harder to cure.