Definition of HD-CVI in CCTV Cameras

HDCVI is an amazing piece of tech that is capable of transmitting HD video via the standard RG59 Siamese cable. This technology is also ideal for installations where there is a Siamese cable already installed and that makes the type of wind configuration reduce labor and equipment costs. Better resolution, longer video distance, better performance. Definition of HD-CVI Analog CCTV Cameras – HDCVI is the future of CCTV equipment. Aside from that, perhaps you must hire the recommended CCTV and Locksmith service near your area to ensure the maximum security of your property locksmiths247.

HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface), is an HD / High Definition video transmission technology using coaxial cable. HDCVI is a technology from CCTV vendor Dahua. Claimed to be superior to its predecessor HD-SDI. The advantages of HDCVI over HD-SDI are:

The maximum distance is 500 meters, while the HD-SDI is 100 meters.

HDCVI is more resistant to high-frequency interference.

HDCVI propagates digital video data that is modulated and propagated via coaxial cable. Not only digital video data, but other signals are also propagated through the same media, for example, the OSD camera control signal and of course PTZ control signals. So there is no need to pull additional cables to control the camera’s OSD menu or PTZ camera movements, enough with 1 coaxial cable.
Because of this, the issue of compatibility is a matter that must be considered. Not every camera can be paired with an HDCVI DVR.

As we know, there is no compatibility issue on analog CCTV. Any camera brand can be juxtaposed with any DVR, the picture must come out. Not the case with HDCVI. The picture does not come out at all when the analog CCTV camera is inserted into the HDCVI DVR.

Definition of HD-CVI Analog CCTV Camera – Regardless of compatibility issues, HDCVI can be used as an alternative to analog CCTV considering the resolution offered is HD (1280 × 720) and Full HD (1920 × 1080). About the price? it’s a little more expensive than CCTV analog, but it’s cheaper than an IP camera.