Maximizing The Use Of Hashtags For Online Marketing

Challenge or challenge is one way to make content viral. Just look at the example like yesterday’s viral, which is the challenge, falling star challenge, ice bucket challenge, and others. You can also make challenges to consumers propellant media. Make an interesting challenge where the challenge must also include a hashtag. Aside from that, if you want the more effective method for attracting local customers online, just try the geofencing service.

In order for the challenge to be accepted by the community, you also have to give a reward or award if they succeed in completing the challenge. Besides that, don’t forget to ask for information on e-mail accounts or cellphone numbers of people who will take part in the challenge. Its function is to provide further information related to the challenges given as well as being a media for promoting your brand.

Make a Hashtag Plan and Research

The second tip for creating a hashtag as a marketing strategy is to make content plans and research and hashtags that can increase brand awareness and traffic to corporate social media. After doing research, then enter in a comprehensive plan. Also, customize each content and hashtag with the characteristics of each social media. For example, videos for social media Facebook, photos for Instagram, articles for blogs or others.

Use Hashtags to Create Stories

Almost everyone likes to tell his story. So make them create stories that concern your brand. Using stories will make your brand more attractive and the existing hashtag will make people post it to feel part of it. That way indirectly, through hashtags other people also help you do marketing activities.

Use the trailing technique

You can use the hashtag as your company’s personal branding. So you can use the hashtag to introduce your business more broadly. You can use the trailing technique. What you mean is that you can enter a hashtag that lists business brands designed with topics that are currently popular.