You Can Clean The Air Conditioner With These Ways

The air conditioner is one of the electricity that can dirty easily. The air conditioner has a function to circulate the air in your room. If you cannot clean it routinely, then the air conditioner can damage easily. Then, use the service of aircon servicing to clean your air conditioner. We can help you to clean it perfectly and you don’t need to clean it by yourself local service.

You must clean and take care of the air conditioner with these some ways.

1. You have to clean the air filter
The air filter serves to filter the dust so it doesn’t stick and clog the surface of the evaporator. If the dust is attached to the bag, the air filter cannot work properly. This can also cause a damaged air conditioner. The condition of dirty air filters can cause dust to clog the evaporator and the air conditioner to be damaged. So, you must always clean your air conditioner regularly.

2. You have to clean the fan
The fan on the air conditioner must also be cleaned of dust. If you let the dust stick, it will cause the air circulation to be bad and the air conditioner will be easily damaged. If you clean it regularly, the air conditioner will produce good air circulation and the air conditioner can work optimally. The air conditioner will also last and stay cool. If you clean it regularly, the fan can work optimally. this happens because the air conditioner doesn’t have to clog dirt.

3. You cannot set the thermostat temperature too low
The thermostat on the air conditioner has a protective function. The thermostat can also prevent the room from getting too cold. This tool can also prevent the air conditioner from working too hard. For that, you can’t set the thermostat temperature too low.