These Are The Three Main Problems If It’s Too Long To Be In A Room That Uses Dirty Air Conditioners

All people are certainly often exposed to air conditioners, whether at home or in the office aircon repair singapore. It is undeniable that the air conditioner always makes you feel comfortable and productive, but its use too often is not good for your health and skin. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the air conditioner you use. Services from aircon repair singapore will greatly help you in cleaning the air conditioner at home.

The use of air conditioners that are too often is not good for health and skin. There are some adverse effects of an air conditioner for your health, especially if the air conditioner is rarely cleaned.

– Triggers skin problems
The cold air from the air conditioner will ‘eat’ the natural humidity of your skin. If you don’t prepare a supply of body lotion or body oil, get ready the skin will be very dry and scaly. This skin problem will get worse if the air conditioner filter is rarely cleaned. Dust and bacteria that nest in the air conditioner easily spread throughout the room. In addition to easy sneezing, you can get asthma or itchy skin.

– It’s easy to catch the flu
If it’s in the rainy season, usually the most frequent disease is the flu in the form of coughs and colds. Well, the flu is not waiting for the rainy season, because you can get the flu because you often linger in the room using the air conditioner. What’s annoying is the spread of this flu virus easily. Even if you don’t have the flu, this flu virus from your friend will easily spread because the room is closed and the air is spinning in the same place for a long time.

– Respiratory problems appear
One part of the body that suffers most from hours of exposure to the air conditioner is your internal organ, the lungs. Hot outdoor temperatures and cooled by air conditioners make changes in temperature and humidity impromptu. Well, this change can affect one’s respiratory system. If left too long, your internal organs can become inflamed.

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